A woman, a dog
Carole Rieussec and Antonella Bussanich

A space with a particular kind of energy. A woman, a dog: two characters through which the artist questions the...

One writes and in the end the letters burn somewhere along the way
Michael Beron, Sam Parfitt et Adrian Schindler

Collaborative project around the mechanisms and desires at stake on historical documents

David Girondin Moab, Uta Gebert, Cristina Iosif,...

The first part of an experimental project revolving around the art of puppetry and bodily images. It brings together...

Le Jardin Parallèle | 10 and 11 FEV
Peut-on frire de tout ?
Luc-Jérôme Bailleul

The culinary and aesthetic challenge of French-fry stalls.

Plan de situation #7 : Consolat-Mirabeau
Till Roeskens

A documentary story about the city of Marseille

Ballet solo
Marie Caroline Hominal

A singular experience, close to the spectators, like a ritual that gives to touch the space-time.

Violaine Lochu

Hesitation about unique identity and classic dualism.

Cat licks vitrine
Anna Barham

Anna Barham is interested in games and rules and plays with the idea of the changing meaning of language. She has thus...

Plein jeu #1
Tom Castinel, Gaëlle Choisne, Rémy Drouard,...

Ten young artists are invited to residency during the exhibition's assembly to build/deconstruct a collective/individual...

FRAC Champagne-Ardenne | 13 FEV to 22 APR
L'Encyclopédie des Guerres
Jean-Yves Jouannais

An abc book of combat. Jean-Yves Jouannais’ challenge is to retell the complete history of conflicts since the Iliad...

Performance du collectif bim sur le Campus Croix-Rouge
Collectif BIM

Associated with Collectif 17 and the Comédie class, they will work to reveal places by creating an ambulatory and...

Comédie de Reims | 12 to 16 FEV