L'Éternel Retour
Choreography Clément Layes

Le Manège | 9 and 10 FEV
The censored body
Thomas Cepitelli

A series of lectures on the body and its cultural representations.

Sciences Po | 12 FEV
To Da Bone
Concept and directed by (La)Horde

Le Manège | 13 and 14 FEV
Visite à deux voix autour du nu masculin
Philippe Chosson / Véronique Palot-Maillart

The visual and performing arts are mutually enriching and feed off each other. This is put into practice by a specialist...

Compositions Hervé Birolini, Chorégraphie et...

n interaction of sound, space and movement. A sound screen 5 meters high comprising of 16 illuminated speakers, a dancer...

Concept et choregrapy Philippe Saire

Le Manège | 16 and 17 FEV