Daral Shaga
Feria Musica

A vertiginous fresco which offers a voice to migrants. Musicians, acrobats, and lyrical singers: Feria Musica transforms...

Le Manège | February 2
Le Nozze di Figaro
Directed by François de Carpentries

The production by François de Carpentries and Karine Van Hercke intelligently questions continued power relationships...

Opéra de Reims | February 4 >8
Laurent Durupt and Malik Nejmi

An alternative way of seeing immigration

Comédie de Reims | February 6
No Land's Song (projection)
Documentary by Ayat Najafi

With No Land’s Song, the Iranian women want their voices heard.

La Cartonnerie | February 7
composition Laurent Durupt / Ensemble Links,...

Immersive and interactive Concert

Nova Villa – Cellier | February 9 > 10
Errances et résonances
Hélène Breschand and Ze Jam Afane

Powerful combination of two different worlds and personalities where music and language come together in search of a...

Visual Exformation
composition Jesper Nordin / scenography Cyril...

Enter into a fascinating world, a tapestry of sounds and images, an invitation to see and listen and listen.

Le Manège | February 11