I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past
creation Sanja Mitrović et Vladimir Aleksić /...

An investigation towards the East

Comédie de Reims | February 2 > 3
Small Town Boy
text, choreography and staging Falk Richter

A theatre group who is concerned with urgent social issues.

Comédie de Reims | February 3 > 4
Les Suppliants (reading)
text Elfriede Jelinek / translation Magali Jourdan...

a poignant text expressing the voice of the foreigner and the voice of many.

Comédie de Reims | February 4
Expedition Peter Pan
concept Inèz Derksen and Christian Schönfelder

The imaginary world where everything is possible!

Atelier de la Comédie | February 4 > 5
Goebbels' Lesson
Text, idea and direction Rhea Leman

The play is set in 2016, and Hitler’s thinking head Joseph Goebbels is alive and well. He stays in the Führer’s...

Nova Villa – Cellier | February 6 >7
We Call It Love
Text Felwine Sarr / direction Carole Karemera &...

A closed trial between a woman and the killer of her son that questions the ideas of justice, forgiveness and...

Comédie de Reims | February 6 > 7
Apologies 4 & 5
text Efthymis Filippou / direction Argyro Chioti

A poem based on a real true story - an unusual process.

Atelier de la Comédie | February 7 >8
from the Mahabharata and the play by Jean-Claude...

Peter Brook’s masterpiece, le Mahabharata, in a spectacular shorter version.

Comédie de Reims | February 8 > 9
De plus belles terres (reading)
text Aiat Fayez / staging Ludovic Lagarde and...

Stéphane and Fatima chose to leave to live on a hillside far from anywhere. But for the African woman the solitude...

Comédie de Reims | February 10
a project by Massimo Furlan and Compagnie...

A story that has become reality – a very touching performance.

Comédie de Reims | February 11