Democracy in America
Direction, settings, costumes, lights Romeo...

Romeo Castellucci takes us to a time when nothing has been won, he recalls a forgotten celebration, reawakening...

Comédie de Reims | 7 and 8 FEV
The Institute of Global Loneliness
Direction Blitz Theatre Group

A virus has spread throughout the world, extreme isolation freezing body and soul.

Comédie de Reims | 8 and 9 FEV
Rebota rebota y en tu cara explota
Concept et directed by Agnés Mateus & Quim...

A wild performance by Agnès Mateus, the big star of the Catalonian « movida » and the great lady of the Catalonian...

A show by La Tristura

Guerre des Paysages
Scripts Dimitris Alexakis, Ilias Poulos - Directed...

After the Second World War Greece is torn apart by civil war and a large number of enlisted communists are moved to...

Comédie de Reims | 12 and 13 FEV
Concept Encyclopédie de la parole

An imaginary landscape. Bringing together different texts, Joris Lacoste and his cast create a collection of voices in...

Conception, writing, direction Anne-Cécile...

Comédie de Reims | 16 and 17 FEV
Written and directed by Rafael Spregelburd