6am © Elina Giounanli

In the darkest hours of the night, in a kind of construction site: some broken machines, some workers busy doing something we ignore, some recited texts being broadcast through loudspeakers, some snatches of conversation by walkie-talkie… We understand that this construction site is part of a much larger network. All over the world, some workers work for the same purpose. This is a science-fiction story, the story of an urban odyssey through the recent History, the story of a network with no borders which tries to invent a new poetic utopia. In this Kafkaesque atmosphere, the artists invited the poets Friedrich Hölderlin and Lautréamont, the film director Andreï Tarkovski and the novelists Arkadi and Boris Strugatski.

Duration 1h40 / show in Greek surtitled in French and in English

VANIA. 10 ANS APRÈS another Blitz Theatre Group’s show