A woman, a dog © Luca Cappelli



Visual and sonic installation around a strange dialogue.

La femme, le chien (a woman, a dog): two characters through which the artist questions the hierarchy in a patriarchal world. On the wall: we see a video of a dog dying: the death. The ground: we hear the barking of dogs: the language. On the wall: we see the working environment of a woman, we hear the heels of a woman followed by a dog: “a room of one’s own”, a room that is occupied. On the ground: we hear a woman having an orgasm: sexual desire.

On the ground and the wall: we hear a woman talk about a presence, her own and that of her dog. From the balcony on the mezzanine hang microphones, cables intertwined, speakers: rustling, chaos, secrets. La femme, le chien (a woman, a dog) : a fictional space from which an unprecedented dialogue emerges, a story woven with cries, sounds of desire, words and images of death. A space with a particular energy….

performance Saturday 10 Fev length 30 minutes / installation until 18h30
the installation will be presented on Saturday 10 fev and Sunday 11 fev 14h00 to 18h00

Free entrance