Aman' Aman'

Aman’ Aman’ © Carole Parodi

A small puppet booth, musicians and actor-puppeteers who bring to life these amusing and charming puppets who intelligently present to children the idea of human and musical migration. Both rebellious and humanistic, these strong personalities take us through time and space …

How can we talk about the history of migration and borders with children? The answer to this from the company Tête dans le sac from Geneva is through a musical puppet performance. On stage, actor-puppeteers and musicians animate a small puppet booth bringing to life these puppets with interesting characters. The text, rebellious and humanistic, tackles the theme of human and musical migration with humour and intelligence. A gallant science teacher starts to give comic lectures on musical migration throughout history! With sounds from the oud, laouto, and bouzouki, we are whisked away as far as the gateway to the Mediterranean by these amusing puppets.

Length 55 minutes / from 8 years old

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