AnthropoSCENE©Fabian Offert

AnthropoSCENE©Fabian Offert


The work of Man! The Anthropocene is a new geological epoch during which human activity has begun to have a significant impact on the environment and perhaps the ultimate destruction of the planet. Supported by performers and video artists, the composer Laurent Durupt explores this serious idea in an unprecedented and unusual way.

This new term Anthropocene describes the current age in which we live and during which the consequences of human activity on the planet have had a significant and destructive geological impact. A new performance is created around this planetary phenomenon by one of our partners at la Comédie, the pianist, composer and performer Laurent Durupt.  For this piece, his work uses a variety of medium, electronic music, performance and video. His performance is a metaphor to describe the new epoch: different ideas are continually interwoven with each different medium, exploring and recreating by chance different ideas which in turn are interpreted by each individual artist. The theatre space is transformed into a laboratory, giving us the powerful sensation of what Man is experiencing on this new planet: time is limited in these conditions with an uncertain future. How will we react?

Length 1 hour

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