Apologies 4&5 © Myrto Apostolidou

Apologies 4&5
© Myrto Apostolidou

Having already participated at Reims Scènes d’Europe 2015 with Domino and SANGS , Vasistas is a Greek theatre company who have worked between both Athens and Marseille. Each time they create a musical choreography, an intimate and resounding concert, depicting a current story, which can be seen and heard.  Apologies 4 & 5, the new piece by d’Efthymis Filippou, uses intense and lyrical language in an attempt to wander through the intimate experience of two people confronted by a judge who is at the same time a school exam master, a police inspector and psychoanalyst. You could almost be in a psychological horror film or a black and white dream. A group of five singers observe the action; sing original polyphonies like an ancient choir; together they are a powerful body representing an ideal society that brings to light the intimate fragility of these two people who whisper their truth.

Duration 1h30 / show in Greek surtitled in French