French premier

Dealing with the same theme as in her last production, Madrilène Tristura’s company exposes in a very delicately political way, the true story of the babies who were stolen during and after the Franco regime. The group tirelessly experiment using their own particular language combining cinema and theatre.

In Cinema, a man attempts to find his origins by setting out on a journey. Using the idea of a 21st century child kidnapping, a scenic road movie illustrates the courage that is required in the search for one’s own personal identity.

“We recognise the theatre as a place where secrets are exposed or where the dead come alive just for a moment. Cinema is a play that talks about the children who were kidnapped under the Franco regime in Spain, an obscure story of which very little has been spoken about in our country. From 1939 until the middle of the 1980’s about 300,000 children were stolen in Spain. In order to understand the enormity of this phenomena it can be compared to Argentina where it is thought that Around 500 children were abducted.

However, we are neither judges or journalists. Our responsibility is to confront this story by using our own language, using images and texts that go beyond the limitations of the stage and at the same time respecting the imagination of 21st century contemporary theatre.

Can we continue to find the words to talk about such a complicated and complex subject? That is the challenge.”

Length 1.25 hours / Performance in Spanish with French and English subtitles

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