L’Europe est en peine crise. Que font les artistes ?

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Since 2008, Greece has suffered the worst economic, political and cultural crisis the country has experienced since the fall of the military junta in 1974. The economic difficulties have undermined the political and economic stability of the country, leading to a dramatic situation for the Greek people.
The artistic and cultural sectors have also been severely affected and yet, the artists keep creating theatre plays, dance shows and music. Many of these projects are in fact directly inspired by the crisis.

Joseph Confavreux, journalist in charge of Culture for the news and debate website Mediapart, some Greek artists attending the festival and Ludovic Lagarde, stage director and manager of La Comédie who regularly works in Greece, will discuss the artistic production of this country and more generally the situation and role of creation in the crisis that Europe has gone through.

Duration 1h30