Fin de l'Europe

FIN DE L’EUROPE © Tristan Jeanne Valès

A ludicrous and inventive work.  Rafael Spregelburd with a company of actors from four different countries look at the idea of the « end » with caustic humour: the end of art, money, borders…Europe. The Argentinian writer turns established genres upside down and mixes up references.

Excess, wild exaggeration, distortion and twisted meanings are all emblematic of Rafael Spregelburd’s productions which in its imaginative and provocative style is reminiscent of the work of fellow Argentinian playwright Copi. In all of his theatre productions we find the world of telenovela mixed with science fiction, vaudeville turned into detective novel and B series transformed into tragedy. This writer turns upside down references through incongruous superimpositions. This creates an absurd and explosive work. Fin de l’Europe was produced in L’Ecole des Maitres in Caen, an experimental work lead by actors from four different countries. We look at a variety of different customary ends with caustic humour: the end of art, the end of the Euro, the end of borders, the end of money, the end of reality, the end of salvation…the end of Europe. Using the absurd, Rafael Spregelburd shows the futility and manipulation that lurks behind these apocalyptic prophecies.

Length 4 hours / Performance in English, French and Italian with French subtitles