Will climate change be the end of man? What do scientists have to do so we believe them? Theatre?

At the source of this project there is a paradox: ecology is everywhere, it invites itself in all the debates, the threat is serious, but how come that we are not more mobilized on this question? Ideas and facts may not be enough to really make us feel these changes. We are as badly prepared for this new situation as a man from the Middle Ages for the discovery of America!

Bruno Latour, supported by a team of directors, set designers, writers, scientists, bets that theatre can make us live these questions emotionally, if only it is given the means to do so.

We are not faced here with a scientific or didactic theatre but a collective experience, a global circus where artists, audience and scientists are going to share the same uncertainty. The mise-en-scene of the Earth has started!

To do so, the directors came up with a mobile and unpredictable décor, a “flying tent” that transforms the set and shakes up the climates.

Gaïa Global Circus - Compagnie AccenT