Goebbels lesson

Goebbels lesson © DR

Like a terrible nightmare, Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s abominable disciple, makes a horrific reappearance. It is a particular day, the launch of his new programme Salut les jeunes on the propagandist public radio station where he starts to explain the reasons behind the Third Reich. Suddenly the young listeners of the programme appear in front of him. Goebbel’s dream comes true and finally recruitment can begin.

Goebbels’ Lesson shows the consequences of xenophobia, the power of a dominating group, the danger of a limited way of thinking and political responsibility. All this comes to life during the performance when the public are asked to follow Goebbels’ instructions and think like him. With a magnetic gaze and dominating voice, Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum plays on stage an informative and entertaining game of chess with the audience.

Duration 50 m + debate / English show surtitled in French / from 15 years