Guerre des paysages

Guerre des paysages ©Dimitrios Alexakis

After the book Memoirs in exile by d’Ilias Poulos, tachkent

After the Second World War Greece is torn apart by civil war and a large number of enlisted communists are moved to Uzbekistan …. In an intimate and moving performance, fragments of this story are retold by an actor, punctuated by traditional songs and contemporary pieces interpreted on stage by two musicians.

Irène Bonnaud is an accomplished director as well as playwright and translator of German and Classical Greek. She is thus well qualified to stage contemporary texts by Violaine Schwartz as well as those by Heiner Müller and the tragedies of Aeschylus. War Landscapes is based on the book Mémoires en exil by Ilias Poulos. After the Second World War, Greece was torn apart by the civil war between the Communist resistance and the Greek government backed by the Anglo-American forces. A large number of Communist fighters were moved to Uzbekistan: youths, young women and teenagers, were largely enlisted and were deeply marked by the utter destitution, some remaining isolated there until 1975. It was these exiles that Ilias Poulos photographed and patiently interviewed in an attempt to uncover the fragments of their story, which was close to his own childhood experience. In turn, Irène Bonnaud embarks on her own musical and theatrical archaeology, piecing together these moving accounts set against Rebetiko, a music brought from Anatolia and which has become emblematic of Greece.

Length 1.20 hour / Performance in Greek with French subtitles

Monday the 12th of February, add 5  and see AnthropoSCENE at 9 p.m.

Tuesday the 13th of February, add 5  and see To Da Bone at 7.30 p.m.