L'Encyclopédie des Guerres

L’Encyclopédie des Guerres © Hervé Véronèse

The challenge for Jean-Yves Jouannais is to recount in the form of an alphabet book the complete history of conflicts since the Iliad up until the end of the Second World War. 

Cards, photographs, paintings, film extracts and video artists are brought together to illustrate a pop up encyclopaedia. Each entry is commented on live, systematically analysed and rewritten.

Jean-Yves Jouannais still has not made peace. Fortunately, his voyage around the world of war has not ended. He returns every season armed with documents, anecdotes and imaginative ideas. Jean-Yves Jouannais collects fragments of texts that describe fatal weapons to the extent that the entries should be called Goût de la mort (a taste for death). Since October we have continued the thread of this fascinating lexique. We await the next entries for H: Hérisson, Honneur and Heureux. and …  Heureux (Happy).

Length 1.30 hours

Free entrance, resa : 03 26 48 49 10 / rp@lacomediedereims.fr