Can something small change the course of things? Clément Layes draws inspiration from both Nietzsche and the Polish animated film “Tango”. Between individual needs and the requirements of sharing a collective space, a group of 15 actors and dancers create a playful and repetitive performance within a restrictive area.  

The choreographer and performer Clément Layes uses in his work all that is found in our ordinary and everyday lives. For his new production, L’Éternel retour, he explores further his work about objects by integrating the idea of rhythm. Through the use of repetition and the accumulation of symbols, he invites us to discover all that is new and different.

Based in Berlin since 2008, Clément Layes has co-founded with Jasna L. Vinovrski his company Public in Private who use a mixture of choreography, visual-arts and a philosophy based on the idea of observing our daily life. In his new work L’Eternel retour, a group of 15 actors and dancers congregate in a small white room. They do not exist in the present but instead describe all the characters who have already or will pass through this space. Indifferent towards each other the characters nevertheless create a collection of unexpected situations. Inspired by the short animated Polish film, Tango (1981), the work is an amazing theatrical transformation from the cinema and seemingly draws on the cyclical image of the world, a central concept in Nietzsche’s philosophy. With humour and derision, the new production by Clément Layes questions our thirst for all that is new by showing how differences appear through repetition.

Length 1.10 hours

Friday 9 February, add 5  and see The Institute of Global Loneliness at 7 p.m.