Mazùt © Alexandra Fleurantin

Acrobatic duo, choreographic play, sound creation, pictorial performance… Mazùt is all this at the same time. But Mazùt is also – and above all – a diving into our concealed animality, and especially the horse, which is invoked here like a shamanic figure. In order to invite us to this intimate transformation, Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu Trias chose to make the  stage universe vibrate as a whole. First, the acrobats’ bodies, using the lifting and jumping techniques, looking for the seesaw points between control and abandon. Then the stage, with a real surge of pictorial forms passing through it, and sometimes transformed into a sound surface when a musical rain falls from coat-hangers, like a fragile echo with gentle or strident singings. With its raw poetic charm, Mazùt is a dark piece of work but it is not hopeless, it is a world only made of sensations…

Duration 1h