NIPI ©Philippe Le Goff

Musical installation set in the heart of the Far North. This visual and sonic installation plunges the audience into the depths of the Eskimo identity built around a universe where elements have their own language.  

For the Eskimo, the word nipi expresses both the sound and the voice as if the human voice is part of the sonic world of the Arctic. It is true that since the beginning of time, man and animals shared the same language called « la Fissure » born from the sound of a stone that splits through freezing. The sound is of great importance in a community of hunters where nature is understood as much by sound as observation. Nipi, a sonic and visual installation is a total immersion in the Far North, a fantasy image which gives sound a primary importance. While the documentary image shows the landscape background, the fauna and people, the sound offers a more interior journey that takes us to the true Eskimo identity that is built around the voice and a world where elements have their own language.

Installation in continu at the Comédie (room “Le Bocal”)

free entrance