Rebota rebota y en tu cara explota

Rebota rebota y en tu cara explota

French premier

A wild performance by Agnès Mateus, the big star of the Catalonian « movida » and the great lady of the Catalonian scene, puts her signature to a disturbing yet important performance that not only denounces violence towards women but the indifference and silence that surrounds it.

Life should hit us in the face more often…

We are hundreds and thousands who take to the streets to celebrate football. We eat plastic waste that has been swallowed by fish, which we then cook for supper. We sell houses at inaccessible prices and then protest against tourism. Our friends become politicians and then live in their offices. In the country where we live, women are murdered at a rate of two a week for nearly the last ten years and we (women) are supposed to continue to justify and defend ourselves. Despite this, there is always a minute of silence after each death in front of the town hall.

Let us tell the whole story. We should not be afraid of words like: murder, suicide, death, hoax, shit, metastasis, leukaemia, baldness, fat, acne, puss, piles, poo, suffocation, contempt, abortion, euthanasia, polygamy, surrogate mothers, adultery, vomit, bogies, colposcopy, and love.

Let us talk about our passivity, about the small actions taken by people who gradually change the world, our negligence and the hope we still have, our lack of love, tyranny that nobody knows about but to which we are all subjected, violence, my violence, your violence…

… Life should hit us in the face more often.

Length 1h / performance in Spanish with French and English subtitles

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