Stacja Nigdy w Życiu

Stacja Nigdy w Życiu © Roginski

Anna Zaradny and Kasper T. Toeplitz’s collaboration is an old project and at the same time a brand new one, and constantly evolving: old because the two artists already had the opportunity to play together, randomly for their concerts, and new because of their will to experience a long-term work, which make them decide to conceive together this “radio station Stacja Nigdy w Życiu” (“Never in my life!”). Their collaboration is also constantly evolving because the project consists in testing new forms all the time, taking a greater interest in the musical architecture, the place where it is presented and the passing of time, rather than elaborating the idea of a repertoire. They have the same approach for their instruments: the two musicians may decide, in addition to their usual computers, to include other instruments inspired by their previous musical universes, or even to try instruments which do not produce sound – images for her, light for him.

Duration 30 minutes