Suite n°3©Ida Jakobs

An imaginary landscape. Bringing together different texts, Joris Lacoste and his cast create a collection of voices in all languages, from psychoanalysis to a third-party commentary. Texts are recited to create an imaginary musical landscape.

The title Encyclopaedia of words is misleading, we expect a very well informed, dry debate but instead discover an inventive and enthusiastic project. What do the poems of Marinetti and the dialogues of Louis de Funès both have in common? Or between a running commentary and the pulse of Eminem, or Julien Lepers’ questions and those of Jacques Lacan or Michel Rocard, or a shipping forecast and a baby’s babble? Since 2007 Joris Lacoste and his group comprising of musicians, actors and experimental artists have selected a unique collection of voices from various origins and cultures: an unusual rhythm, disturbing tones and unusual accents. This collection reveals, recites and sings in a variety of theatrical music pieces and choral performances. The third production in this series will be the most musically accomplished.  With the composer Pierre-Yves Macé the group will interpret fragments of living words with precise musical scores. It is as if our own language returns, disguised in a strange way in order to be heard differently.

Length 1 hour / Performance in English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, Rumanian, Croatian, Danish, Maltese, Italian, Gaelic, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, Finnish, Bulgarian, Greek, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Slovenian and Flemish with French subtitles

 Add 5  and attend to Exartikulations at 9 p.m.