institut global de la solitude

Institute of global loneliness ®Marinela Stafyladou

French premiere

Based on The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann

A virus has spread throughout the world, extreme isolation freezing body and soul. In order to get rid of this plague, a strange institute invites all those who are forgotten by love. This Greek theatre group who have previously been invited by la Comédie, take this subject to absurdity; we assist in re-education in love, friendship, alterity … a delicate tale of mysterious anticipation. This condition which often effects many human beings is often invisible and to better understand it the limits need to be emphasised.

The Blitz Theatre Group clearly outline the theme of their play in its title: the modern-day illness is not solitude (as that can sometimes be synonymous with happiness) – but loneliness. The Blitz group interpret this idea literally and take us to a strange institute that is reminiscent of some of the settings from The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. A virus has spread throughout the world, a radical isolation freezing body and soul. We follow the patients undergoing their daily treatment, dancing, making amicable declarations and doing exercises in friendship. A love rehabilitation centre for the lonely. The stage is covered with strange gadgets, a fountain of foam, a telescope and a sun machine. Having previously participated at Reims since 2012 with Late Night, up until 2016 with Vania ten years later, this is an opportunity to see once again this company who tirelessly continue to experiment.

Length 90 minutes / performance in Greek with French and English subtitles

Thursday 8 February, add obly 5€ and see Democracy In America at 9 p.m.

Friday 9 February, add only 5 € and see L’Eternel retour at 9p.m.