To Da Bone © Laurent Philippe

(La)Horde, a talented company who bring together dance, visual-arts and performance, gather for To Da Bone, nine jumpers recruited from the Internet. Between real and virtual, this post-Internet dance uses for the first time our utopian forces in a chorographic field.   

Working since 2011, (La)Horde has been on the attack on many fronts – dance, performance, installation and cinema. Initially friends and now working partners, Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel have formed a young company who are exploding onto the current artistic scene.  On stage, their “new and innovative experiences” take apart the accepted codes of representation. To Da Bone, their new project analyses the mutation of dance in the age of the Internet, beyond the limits of the theatre, without boundaries and on social networks and YouTube. Since the end of the 1990’s, different dances with their individual codes and tempo have flooded the web. Bringing together nine interpreters from the jumper community all over Europe, To Da Bone stages different aspects of jumpstyle – a very dynamic dance using small jumping movements set against electro music.

Extremely physically demanding on the dancers, To Da Bone is a step towards emancipation, a cry for unity, a delicate and intuitive path towards opening up new possibilities.

Length 1 hour

 Add 5 € and attend to Guerre des paysages à 9 p.m