VACUUM © Philippe Weissbrodt

In a series of pieces entitled Dispositifs, the choreographer Philippe Saire delicately explores the relationship between dance and the visual-arts. Vacuum, the third in the series is uncontestably the most abstract but paradoxically the most concrete interpretation.

Two neon lights are horizontally suspended outlining an intriguing and obscure black page. A page on which images are gradually printed, at first blurred and becoming clearer. We can make out an elbow, a knee, a buttock then a complete torso. The anatomy of the bodies are fragmented, a whole life unfolds in the folds of the skin.

The third in a series of which form Dispositifs, using a duo Vacuum is an extension of the choreographer Philippe Saire’s exploration linking the visual arts and dance. The bodies of the dancers Philippe Chosson et Pep Garrigues are impressive and enhance the space between appearances and disappearances. Shapes are sculpted in light, describe the sinew of a muscle, highlights a pose and evokes striking images taken from Flemish paintings or Bacon. Through continuous movement, Vacuum, flicks through the pages of an art book, libertating a poetic imagination from the confines of mysticism and at the same time leaving the audience free to write their own story.

Length 25 minuts

  Saturday the 17th of February, add 5  and attend to Arctique at 9 p.m.