For the second play of the Blitz theatre group I decided to create a mind map of impressions of the play. It could contain everything: paintings, words, sentences, citations, feelings, comments, reflections of what happened. So I went around in la Comédie to get everybody involved in this project, who wanted to share something; and in fact, I gathered some really nice writings together and I increased them with my words and doodles. (As you can guess the English ones ;))After I wrote and drew my last notes and after cutting them, the difficult part of creating a mind map began: To bring them in an order.

To change the arrangement of the notes is the most interesting part in creating a min map. Every time you change a relation, you are able to add another, or maybe you lost one. I didn’t know where to start first and it took a lot of time to bring them in an order, until I finally was kind of satisfied. Still then, I wanted to change and add more words, also some arrows maybe.

Finally, I would say you have to see the whole mind map as a fragile construction of relation in itself. Comparing to the play, it’s a to and fro between construction and deconstruction of relations. You are able change them after a while and everyone will find his own relation inside. After a while you will be able to write new impressions; it’s a never ending story, never completed, always changeable.

But at the moment I’m happy with this temporary mind map order.

You can see 2 different orders and one, well lets say, “extra” order.

February 5, 2016 - Uncategorized