The final steps of preparation have begun. Before the Festival is going to start the technical teams have a lot of work to do; to set up the stage in time. Therefore, the technicians of Vania.10 ans après began at l’Atelier yesterday to be ready for the spectacle on Thursday!теплоизоляция скатной кровли частного дома. Принцип работы традиционного сэндвича

Meanwhile, the technicians of Les Français settle up the stage in the great hall of la Comédie.

The equipment has to be well organised: Who takes care of what and what equipment is needed? It needs to know how many projectors, microphones, monitors, lights, loud-speakers etc. can be provided by la Comédie and the theatre group. But that is just a small overview; I will not trouble you with the details.

Les Français, the theatre piece that takes 4h30 is also the most elaborating one referring to the equipment: The installation takes 3 days!!!

In the photographs you can see the development between two days of installation for the two plays Vania.10 ans après and Les Français.


By the way: In la Comédie’s entrance hall some video and grapic installation are set up as well.

Guess : How many projectors are installed in the entrance hall?

I count 7!

– Hannah


January 27, 2016 - Uncategorized