At 29 years old Martin is coming into his prime. Undefeated in Welterweight he’s revealing huge improvements in both ability and struggle IQ. Martin is a BJJ Blackbelt but it is his striking that is shining recently showing fantastic motion and a long troublesome jab. Maia is almost 42 years old but still remains dangerous. On the ground his hands and submission arsenal is unmatched. He has taken considerable damage in late fights where his inability to get takedowns leaves him a sitting duck. Without a realistic name shot on the horizon you need to question his motivation moving forward.
Stylistically this is a struggle Maia should triumph, but with the athletic and remarkable benefits in Martins favour the result is a lot nearer than the line indicates. Maia will need early takedowns and possibly even a finish in round one. Martin must make this difficult and when he is trapped, has the BJJ to at least survive the entry strikes. Into around two will be at which Martin can take over as it’s no secret Maia slows drastically. This is a good place to choose the hungry young fighter at puppies odds.Drew Dober Breakdown
Dober comes into this matchup off a loss, but fought well and is showing a lot of improvements struggle to combat. He has developed his power to compliment his fairly precise striking style. Another facet to his game is his wrestling, which he seems to blend into his offence more often. No world beater, but a well rounded fighter with a good chin means Dober matches up nicely with other lower level fighters.
Polo Reyes is 34 decades old and his durability is now a huge question mark. Two of the last three fights have ended in a bad TKO loss. He yells serious power but is not well rounded, as vulnerable by Had??ovi?? who dominated him around the ground before pounding out him. Basically all the skill benefits are with Dober leaving Reyes with few paths to success aside from a punchers chance. The Cost is steep but that this struggle should be a straight forward victory for Dober
Bet = Dober in 1.31 (-325) odds. Risk 5 Units to win 1.55 Units.
Vinc Pichel Breakdown
This is a classic big favourite prospect taking a step up snare. Roberts has a great deal of hype but has neglected to spark so far against some lacklustre contest. There are some obvious holes in his game where he’s backed up readily and holds his chin high. Pitchel is coming back after a second layoff and at 36 there’s a chance he might look slower. He’s got big power and are going to want to induce a brawl in which his durability and durability can shine.
This should be a competitive game where we can’t overlook the odds on Pichel. Roberts has potential but hasn’t revealed anything yet to justify this kind of price . Look for the veteran to force striking trades and land some power shots. A KO is potential or close decision too probably.
Bet = Pichel in 3.50 (+250) odds. Risk 2 Units to acquire 5.0 Units.

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